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Go home bus you’re drunk

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(Top: “Congratulations, new driving licence holder!”)

Getting a driving licence, for those who can afford it, is as much of a teenage rite of passage in Finland as it is in North America, except that driving school costs a couple of thousand Euros, and consists of several weeks of theory and practical lessons, including skid control and night-time driving, and some months on a probationary permit before a second road test. So when you earn your licence, it’s rightfully a big deal. Hence you can buy greeting cards for the occasion. 

Plenty of people don’t have driving licences, though, and that’s totally okay, especially if you live in a city or town. And even many of those youth who have licences just use their family’s car occasionally rather than buying their own.

And then there’s the teenagers on their mopeds and motorcycles. I still think it’s annoying that they’re allowed on some of the bike paths.

Driving licences are commonly accepted as ID in most places, although technically they aren’t supposed to be accepted everywhere. Permanent residents and citizens can get police-issued ID cards; these and passports are the only official official identification papers.  

In North America you can get an ID card, but practically everyone has a driving licence and it’s considered the identification paper. Heck, I’ve never even seen a non-driving licence ID card from anywhere in North America.

Also, there’s like FIVE driving schools within like 2 blocks in this town. IT FREAKS ME OUT.

(Bottom: “Congratulations on your new job”? People make cards for that?!)

I’m somewhat tempted to buy all the googly eyes. (at Askarteluliike Kätevä-Käsi)

Thanks, self-explanatory driving school. I thought you were a hobby shop because of the model cars in your window. </sarcasm>

The school restaurant isn’t open for the Easter weekend, so there’s Easter food today like lamb patties with scalloped potatoes and cheese paskha. And I think Jesus bled on my change.

Also, tzatziki sauce is the best yogurt sauce ever since I learned about Ancient Greece in elementary school and made it in class during a “Greek food” lesson

It isn’t open yet but you know it’s almost #summer when the #icecream stands have been set up

So the student union has been putting on this “(get your) butts outta (your) seats” awareness campaign against a sedentary lifestyle (I’m just literally translating the title here because I want to get across its sentiment).

One of the parts of this campaign is a contest where student clubs have to organize and film a flash mob and the best video or photo gets a gift card to a sports equipment shop.

Are flash mobs still a thing? It’s so out of style, yet I still see flash mobs getting attention on “reality” tv shows here.

I was looking at tomorrow’s lunch menu, and it said “hauskat kalapihvit” and I was like, “huh? How can fish patties be fun?” so I googled and…



…#veryfunny indeed.

Language note: “pihvi” I think refers to food that is a flattened, roundish shape - like steak, pork chops, whole chicken breast, small patties, and, apparently, fish nuggets. However, a chicken nugget is “kananugetti”. Go figure.

Since the last time I wrote my thoughts down here about the church service seems to have produced miscellaneous material suitable for my “reflection essay” for #religionclassofmeh, here’s some random thoughts about going to the Orthodox Church Divine Liturgy (the equivalent of Roman Catholic Mass) for Palm Sunday.  This is going to be a much longer post than the last simply because the whole thing was pretty foreign to me.

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Nykyään koulussa on aina kalapuikkojen kanssa jotakin hämärää tillikastiketta joka ei oo ollenkaan yhtä hyvää kuin se kastike mitä aina ennen sai. Googlettelin vähä ja selvittelin että mitä siihen oikeaan kastikkeeseen tulee, mutta kaikki ohjeet oli jotain hifistelyä.

Hah, I always used to use tartar sauce as sandwich spread instead of using sandwich spread. But I guess it works the other way around too