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but I have eaten fishsticks with ketchup:/
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I have always had my fish fingers with ketchup; waiting to be lynched any day now. 

I’ve noticed that when they serve fishsticks at the student diner (which is like ALL THE TIME) they always have the tartar/yogurt sauce written on the menu and available by the till. I mean, it’s also because it’s perishable so they need to keep an eye on it, but if ketchup were a default condiment for most people it’d be there rather than hiding on the bread table…

I drew a design for a “why is it always fishsticks” patch a while ago:


Except I’ve been told that it doesn’t look right if I don’t draw it with tartar or yogurt and dill sauce. Apparently fishsticks with ketchup is sacrilege in Finland. But it’s perfectly normal in North America, even though we do sometimes eat fishsticks with tartar sauce.


Hope that’s better.

A reflector on a utility pole? Sure why not


As Ive gotten older my anxiety over events in the world has steadily increased

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It’s a pretty well-established fact that Canada has some of the most expensive mobile phone and broadband internet services in the developed world. Put the two together to get mobile broadband and that’s right up there too.  One of the first things I needed to when I got back here for vacation is getting set up with a modest prepaid mobile internet package (so I could play Ingress, which, btw, eats up a lot of data with all the pictures unless you root your phone and block them through the hosts file).

In Finland, most monthly subscriptions to mobile internet are tiered by speed without data cap, while prepaid subscriptions can still have data caps. The thing I like about the prepaid subscription I use in Finland is that when you purchase, say, 1GB (€9.95) I have up to 30 days to use it, but if I use it up sooner than that I can buy another package right away. (If one uses more than approx 2GB in a month then it’d be more worth it to buy the unlimited/30 days package, but I don’t.) There’s also 7-day data packages for short-term needs.

I picked up a prepaid card to use in Canada and it’s basically $0.10/MB with a minimum purchase of $10 (100MB) at the beginning of the 30-day period, and it automatically renews every 30 days. In general, prepaid data packages (or voice/text/data combo packages) work on a 30-day cycle like that, and there are sometimes half-decent packages but then I’d be buying voice/text services that I don’t need. I looked at other providers that had prepaid data-only packages for tablets (since I can just use VOIP to actually phone people if I need to) and there was one with this really really confusing tiered setup. I guess it’s all about making you WORK to take the package off your subscription when you don’t want it anymore.

The prepaid mobile thing in Canada just really isn’t set up for short-term visitors unless you’re just using it to call and text. Not to mention that most prepaid SIMs in Canada expire if they aren’t active for 90 days instead of 365 days like my Finnish one.

Admittedly I don’t have a lot of experience with it and don’t really know how it all works, but dang it’s confusing trying to understand what you’re supposed to do with these prepaid SIMs in Canada…

Well, I’ve logged caches for the last 7 days and I’ve nearly exhausted all the ones in the area easy enough to get to, so I guess I’ll “cache” out and take a bit of a break.

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Saw the Men In Kilts cleaner dudes again. They really do wear #kilts!

A young fellow who cannot/will not learn in school may consult his benevolent senior scholars…

At the worst, he will be referred to Guidance. For his case is a psychological one and needs help of that kind. The case surely is psychological or rapidly becomes so, for a youth can hardly remain in a conflict of pressure to perform, including his own pressure on himself, and dumb conviction that it is meaningless to perform, without soon suffering anxiety, depression, and various kinds of flight. But such an academic response by the senior merely pushes off the problem onto an administrator who is even less qualified to help, despite his battery of tests.

Paul Goodman, The Community of Scholars (1962), Ch. 8 Sec. ii




OMG!!! Scouting badges geocache!!!

(How did I NOT see this one on the map sooner??! Getting my socks completely soaked was totally worth it.)

That’s a pretty nice collection of badges.

omg I should do this when I next go caching since I’ve got a crapton of rare badges that I’ll never use

This cache was placed by Scouts and is intended to be a badge swap point. It seems to have done pretty well over the years, nobody’s stolen them or anything. (Although I may have been the first person to leave non-scouting badges there.)

I’ve been known to deposit random badges in caches too, if I feel it’s appropriate to.

OMG!!! Scouting badges geocache!!!

(How did I NOT see this one on the map sooner??! Getting my socks completely soaked was totally worth it.)